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Relax, Create, Play, Inspire
"What you seek,
is seeking you." - Rumi
Our goal is to inspire kindness, love, and gratitude through our inspirational gifts, blog, and Kindness..Pass It On mission.

With hectic days and busy lives, remember to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Suitable Gifts offers inspirational books and products. Our sister site Enlightened Healing Space provides energy healing for people & pets. Kitty Pretty Gifts is for cats and the people who love them. Welcome all.

Welcome To Suitable Gifts
Shop for tees, mugs, pillows, journals and more with inspiring quotes, sanskrit mantras, along with items to do yoga, meditate, space clear, and expand your consciousness.
You will find book reviews, energy healing tips, information on crystals, meditation, journaling, and the continuing journey of Kerri's current incarnation and lessons learned.
Learn about our start in 2010 and our journey along the way with our Founder Kerri Mulhern.
Spiritual Happy Hour Group
Join our Spiritual Happy Hour group on Meetup. If you're in San Antonio, Texas we meet monthly at various locations, and for non-locals, we will be having online get togethers covering spiritual topics such as Energy Healing, Angels, Tarot, Law of Attraction, Manifesting, and more. Sign up here:
  1. Kindness...Pass It On
    Kindness...Pass It On
    Join our Kindness mission by requesting 2 FREE Kindness cards and help spread kindness across the globe.
  2. Enlightened Healing Space
    Visit our sister page for distance energy healing for people & pets.
  3. Kitty Pretty Gifts
    Kitty Pretty Gifts
    Find delightful items for cats and the people who love them.
En​​lightened Healing Space
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Click For More Info
Gifts to relax, create, play and inspire.