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Mantras, Meditation & Yoga
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Om mug
Ram Ram Ram mug
I think therefore I om- mug
Tat Tvam Asi mug
There's no place like om t-shirt
Om Anandham Namah mug
Om t-shirt
Namaste t-shirt
And so it is.
Om magnet
Namaste red head magnet
Namaste brown hair magnet
Om Ritam Namah t-shirt
Tat Tvam Asi t-shirt
Om Anandham Namah t-shirt
I think therefore I om  t-shirt
Sat Nam t-shirt
Namaste brunette magnet
Namaste African American magnet
Namaste blonde hair magnet
Suitable Gifts
Inspire, Create, Play
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Sweet Om
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
And so it is.
Yoga Goddess
Om Shanti Pink Green Lotus Mug
Om Shanti Pink Green Lotus Mug with Chocolate
So Hum Pink Black Lotus Mug with Chocolate
Om Shanti Pink Green Lotus Pillow
So Hum Pink Black Lotus Pillow
Sat Chit Andanda Purple Lotus Flower Pillow