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Kindness...pass it on!
25 Kindness Cards $3.00
50 Kindness Cards $5.00
100 Kindness Cards $10.00
Welcome to our Kindness...pass it on Mission!
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Send us your address below, and we will send you two free cards to start sharing your Intentional Kindness!

Intentional Kindness is about bringing a smile to another.  It is for no other reason than to acknowledge that each of us matter. Just being here is enough. Being kind gives as much joy to the giver as to the receiver. And the best part of all, kindness spreads!  

Send us your name and address using the contact form on the right, and we'll send you two FREE kindness cards.  For wonderfuls ideas to get started, check out our blog at www.suitablegifts.blogspot.com You don't need to spend any money to be kind. We have ideas for everyone!

Also, don't forget to share your Intentional Kindness with us! Share on Facebook www.facebook.com/suitablegifts 
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Use hashtage: #KindnessPIO 
Let's share in our Kindness Mission...and pass it on!
Suitable Gifts
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Our Kindness Mission has reached all of over the world!
Support our Kindness...Pass It On mission by purchasing one of our Kindness Dog Tags for $4 apiece! We ship worldwide! 

Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, or Orange. 

Kindness in words 
creates confidence, in 
thought creates wisdom, 
in giving creates love. 

Lao Tzu 
Kindness Wall
Send us pics of your intention acts of kindness using our cards or tags and we'll add them to the wall! Let us know if it's ok to use your name too! Email us at info@suitablegifts.com or post it on social media with the hashtag #kindnesspio 
Thank you for helping to spread kindness in the world!
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